Your logo should be TALKING, SHOUTING and SCREAMING who you are to potential customers everywhere you go! From the clothing you and your employees wear to the pens you hand out, your logo should be working to advertise and brand your business. If your logo is not talking, you are missing many opportunities to promote what you do. Top 2 Bottom Marketing offers over 800,000 promotional and specialty items as well as custom printed and embroidered apparel. But more importantly, Top 2 Bottom has nearly 20 years experience in branding and marketing. We do more than just sell you an item; we work with you to incorporate specialty advertising into your current marketing plans. Our goal is to partner with you to help promote your business. Check out the About Us tab above for more details about our experience. This site allows you to research our vast selection of items. We suggest you be as specific as possible in your search ("orange coffee mugs" vs. "coffee mugs") in order to narrow your search. You may order items online but we encourage you to contact us for a quote as availability and prices change regularly. For logo apparel options, custom quotes are necessary as pricing varies based on the design of your logo. Get your logo TALKING, SHOUTING and SCREAMING today! Top 2 Bottom Marketing - your marketing solution from Top 2 Bottom!